My Couch…

Where are you? What are you doing? What did you do today? How was your day? All of those get the same answer. My couch. It is my place of solitude. It is my place of comfort. It’s where I meditate. It’s where I cry. It’s where I pray. It has a much deeper meaning than I’m sure most would ever think.

For years I didn’t feel peaceful in my own home. Little comments said here and thereĀ  would eventually turn into a constant feeling of guilt whenever I sat down. Made to feel like I wasn’t being productive enough. Made to feel like I was lazy.

After my last relationship ended and I moved out, my first big girl purchase was my couch. I was proud of myself because I picked it out and paid for it without anyone’s help. And after years of having a hard time making any big, and some small, decisions on my own without worrying if I would upset someone, I did it. I bought my couch.

It has become a piece of my healing process. It is my safe place. And I know that no matter how bad my day is, or how tired I am after work, I can go to my couch and regroup. It is a physical reminder that I’m always going to be ok.

I would encourage everyone to find something that helps bring peace to their lives. Whether it be going to the gym, baking, knitting a sweater or reading Harry Potter, make sure it calms your spirit, even if it’s just for a moment.

Now, excuse me as I eat tacos and binge watch House of Cards… on my couch.