Love doesn’t have a weight limit…

Big girls deserve love too. I can’t wait to see you, love. You look amazing in that dress, love. You make me laugh so hard I cry, love. I am proud to show you off, love. You’re the best thing that’s happened to me, love. Pure, unconditional love.

While I am a firm believer that everyone has a right to love whoever they want, I also know that some awesome women are being overlooked simply because of their size. Not everyone wants to, or even can be, a size 6. And that is perfectly ok.

I’ve been shamed because of my size in more ways than any one person should. It was a constant dagger to my self esteem. I thought I was fat and completely unattractive all because of what someone else thought of me.

Love doesn’t have a weight limit. It doesn’t have stipulations. It doesn’t have ultimatums. It shouldn’t make you feel like less of a person. It shouldn’t make you feel bad.

As I continue to grow I hope that my personality and love for others is always heavier than my weight. And I am confident that someone will love me because of that. All of me.


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